Does he like me?

This guy in one of my classes is really sweet. He thinks I'm beautiful and since we have Spanish together and he used to sit next to me, he called me bonita which is beautiful. He also tried giving me a pep talk once when I didn't wanna go to my next class cause I recently told my crush how I feel and he was just like "if he doesn't appreciate you, he's not worth it" and then he asked if I needed a hug like three times. He also said that I can't skip the next period because of that guy cause if I do he will tell the teacher cause I'm not the kind of person who skips and if necessary he will leave his class to go tell my teacher and I thought he wouldn't until he saw me in the hallway and pointed towards the class and when I mouthed "no" he ran in and when I ran after him, I found him telling the teacher that if I'm not there I'm skipping. That was all when he had a gf though. They recently broke up and he and I just started this joke where when we look at each other we automatically go like "you wanna go?" Just as a joke like you wanna fight but we don't haha. Well I was talking to the teacher and he came outside and started doing that and I ignored him even though he was pushing me and then today when I was waiting for my car, he looked at me and I turned away and so he came and started talking to me about Spanish class and then he had to leave so he was like "bye nerd!!!" like whattt? Haha what is with him?


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  • Aww sounds like he likes you. Kinda sounds like he's confused with you. he doesn't know how you feel about him since you like another guy. he doesn't wanna ruin being friends by asking you if ya like him then let things get awkward. so if i was you id ask him " hey do you like me" you never know could be the beginning of something beautiful.

  • he is game player. if someone likes someone don't you think he or she would show her or his interest already? he might like you but then he might not like you. so, it's like so so.


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