Why did he look away so fast?

This guy in my class always looks at me. Today were in the computers and I was search up some stuff and he was behind me and through my computer screen I could see him he kept looking at me ad he was being very loud cause I wasn't exactly paying any attention but I was texting my friends this And she was sitting beside so anyways back to reality I said something to myself she's like what then he looked at me then looked away very fast as soon as I talked to her so I turn my head look then looked away and my friend was like what was that I'm like did you see what just happened? So anyways my friend and I kept arguing about a pencil so we both drop the pencil by accident then we argue who's gonna get it so I was about to grab it he did the exact same thing and smy friend was like was like wth was that he literally just looked at you then turned away so fast. Then my teacher is talking and the guy turns around and he is staring at me like it looked he was gazing and I moved I put my hand under my chin and he did the exact same thing...


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  • he got nervous when you returned his gaze.


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