I found this on a post where it received MH for " what do men want" I'd like to know If Is this what you (please speak for yourself not all men) want?

"Men always feel better when we controll the relationship.
We want to protect , teach , love and dont want to be bothered for something ofcourse.

We don't like bossy women in relationships , We don't like when girls act like they know better than us.

We don't like too much affectation
We like when women understand what we really want ( relationship , just sex , friends etc )

we like good smell and we don't like to FIGHT in a relationship.
Fighting once can end anything. We don't like when women jealous too much."

It's interesting bc he starts off saying he wants to control teach then states he won't tolerate the sane behavior from a woman. But he doesn't call what he's doing being bossy or acting like he knows better, when he says controlling and teaching- as if she's a child or a pet.

Then he says he just wants sex and a friend- do you control friends?

Relationships need open communication and arguments can I occur- esp if someone is being controlled. If one argument means a beak up then where's the freedom of speech.

And not too much affection. I don't know what that means bc it was vague but I can't tell from reading his response where the BF or LOVE is, and what on earth would the gag get out of that relationship. It's completely disrespectful and demeaning. I wonder if he's actually ever had a gf.

I'm not asking this to humiliate anyone that's why it's anon. I'm just pretty surprised this is his true preference and shocked that the woman thought this was a great answer that she's going to try to learn from. She might as well go to maid school.

I just want to know if this actually resonates. if it does would you be honest about it, or are there a lot of guys running around talking as if they respect women when really they just want a daughter figure they can have sex with.

Like maybe my bf is actually secretly wanting that kind of relationship. Bc I'd want to know bc I would break up with him... That would never ever be me.
The question ws what guys " want". I used the word preference interchangeably with. " want". I'm not inserting anything. I stated what he said then stated my observation of what he said he wanted. If "preference" bothers you then just replace it with. " want". Which is what the question was specifically referring to. And he didn't say " I " want he says guys want. So it's not like he was simply writing off of his "own encounter."

And girl not gag*


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  • Both the guy who asked and the one who answered belong to the medieval, male-dominated times. Enough said.

    I would always want a relationship/marriage to be a 50-50 preposition between the man and the woman.


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  • Lol the guy who wrote that obviously has no clue how to treat a woman and has zero expertise in being a high quality significant other. Please stop using the overused, unoriginal, misplaced concept of ‘preference’ to explain every single reasoning behind a guy wanting something. -_- That’s so small minded and unintelligent to try and sum up a legitimate encounter or experience of his to simply being ‘preference’. There may be a legitimate, deeper meaning behind that choice and you are just passing it off as 'preference'. That's not smart at all. People look SO silly and stupid when they parrot that term like they’re intelligent.

    Anyhow, I’m willing to be the amount of guys who really think that way are borderline abusive or don’t date often. It’s an abnormal mentality.


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  • I agree with that somewhat. I like to feel like she relies on me to make decisions and take care of her and everything, but i don't think its necessary to control her. If she tried to control me, or thought of herself as superior to me in any way I'll admit i would be offended, but i wouldn't even consider doing something like that to her. And i expect a ton of affection from a relationship. I want someone who expects more affection than i do, I'd rather her be the one always asking me to cuddle rather than me thinking she's doing me a favor when i ask her to cuddle. Sex isn't a huge part for me, but i do expect it at least once a week (assuming that we live together and are both healthy and able). I don't like fighting either tbh, I'm a pretty forgiving and easy going guy, but because of that i tend to lose most fights. So i want a girl who understands my passive nature and doesn't take advantage of it to win all the fights. And as for jealousy... well i get jealous a lot myself, so it wouldn't phase me if she got jealous too. As long as she doesn't yell at me or threaten me all the time, i would do my best to comfort and make her feel better when she is jealous, and I'd expect the same from her.

  • My god, it' like a shopping list. You forgot the onions!



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  • If a man needs all that then he has some proper issues regarding his own worth and value.

  • that guy sounds confused. he doesn't seem to really know what he wants.


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