If a guy considered you in his future?

We're dating for about 3 months, he still not saying "i love you" but he calls every night, update his daily routine or anything to me as we're living far away to each other. I totally understand his work and his routine everyday, he is also not a guy who is always have fun after work. I don't know why, he haven't said anything about love or miss me during our conversation ever, but I do feel he likes me very much, maybe he was just too afraid or not too deep yet in our relationship, I don't know..

but somehow, yesterday he was saying something about the future, he was planning to move near to me, and considering to work nearer to me, which is something new from him since 3 months ago. I was too afraid to think that he really want to commit with me, since there's no a confirm word from him about us, and we're quite new and far away from each other. I honestly falling for him, but still afraid to ends up hurting myself, so I'm still holding back my feeling (if he's not falling for me..) I just want to reconfirm about my feeling, I'm not over think about it? is this means he loves me, like he is getting serious finally?


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  • I don't know if he's fallen in love with you, but for a guy to speak about you in his future, that's a very good sign. Especially if he would move to be closer to you. It means he thinks you're special and is making you part of his future plans.


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  • I think if he wants to move and work near you that's a good sign but I would still just sent where it goes it's so early


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