If you always felt this connection to this guy, eye to eye, is there something there?

Whenever I look at him, his eyes look at me so in-depth, feels like it's just me and him in the room or something.

I never used to take him seriously before, because I didn't look at him that way.

But something pretty negative happened in my life, and when I looked into his eyes expecting judgment, I saw something else there... I think I fell for him from that point on.

I know he feels bad, but why the intense stares... it scares me. It makes me want to yell and scream that I'm not that great, and he should stop looking at me like that because I'm going to do something to let him down, because I let everyone down and everyone lets me down, and then it'll all be over.

So why not just purposely act silly around him and make him put me off of the pedestal so we can all move on.

Even if he feels bad for me, why look at me like that.

Every time he looks at me like that for a few seconds I think he's mine, and then after the moment's gone I see reality, and reality is he's someone else's. He was never mine to begin with.
Am I manipulating him? I'm not used to someone caring so much, especially someone who doesn't know me that well. I'd rather he just stop


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  • I'm curious to know the answer, have had a similar experience myself. From what I know though, the eyes are the windows to the soul.:)

    • lol I've heard that too... but sometimes we see what we want to see in others, not what is.

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  • If you want to write and tell me about your feelings inside when you flirt maybe I can help. Know this well!

  • Maybe on your part but it definitely doesn't mean he feels the same way

    • I know. That's the problem I don't know how much of it is me and how much of it is him, and whether I even have a right to say there's a him

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