My boyfriend is starting to wear me down?

I recently moved in with my boyfriend, I've only been living with him for the last few weeks. Since I have moved in, he's started making weird comments to me. Like "should you really be eating that" stuff like that. I suffered through an eating disorder in HS and I'm up to 120 pounds, I thought that was still ok so now I'm freaking out. He wants sex all the time now and pretty much doesn't give up until he gets it. He's started making comments on what I'm wearing, he actually told me I look like a slut the other day and got rid of some of my clothes that he didn't like. He was never like this before I moved in with him. What do you think his deal is. Does he resent me for moving in with him? He was the one that asked me to move in together, in fact he was really pushing for it. Why the sudden change? This is just puzzling to me.
Ok he's not abusive. He's not like this majority of the time, just little comments/ strange actions here and there. He wouldn't ever actually be abusive towards me.


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  • Yeah shit is definitely over between you two. Get out before he starts to really abuse you.


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  • He figures now that he has you trapped, that he can do whatever he wants. Get out of that relationship as soon as you can. I have seen behavior like this before, and it can quickly turn abusive. He is bringing you down, and is making you feel bad. You need to get out of that relationship, and soon!

    • Also if you need any help, just let me know and I will be there! Promise!

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  • Even if he isn't abusive physically there can still be other forms of mental abuse. He sounds like he just wants to control you and since you live with each other now it's a lot easier for him to slip those little comments in.

  • Get out of his house and the relationship, as fast as possible.


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