Was he being too rough on purpose?

By bf and I were playing around, play fighting like we always do. He was being extremely rough, I asked him to stop and when I tried walking away, he yanked my arm so hard he dislocated my shoulder. That caused a huge mess and I had to make a trip to the ER. He has been more aggressive toward me lately, physically and verbally. Not saying he's ever hit me or anything. And I don't think he would do something like that on purpose but I guess I have some hesitancy in the back of my mind about it. So guys, when you are play fighting with your girl, have you ever taken it too far? I know people accidentally get hurt, but do you kinda know your limits and what she can/ can't handle. Do you ever hold back when rough housing because you know you could actually hurt her? Weird question, I know. Just curious.


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  • My husband and I play fight, on rare occasions he has accidentally hurt me. If he thinks I'm in any pain he stops. If I say stop or "ow", he automatically stood and asks if I'm okay. Once or twice he's made me cry a little, he stopped and hugged me and apologized like crazy and covered me in kisses.

    You need to tell him that when you say stop that he needs to take you seriosuly and stop because when he doesn't stop it scares you.


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  • I remember one time with my ex, who did end up being physically abusive towards me, we were cuddling which turned into a bit of a playfight but then it started getting a bit more rough and I tried stopping him, asking him to stop and he totally pinned me and grabbed me round the throat to hold me still... the whole tone changed, the atmosphere was definitely not playful... he wasn't smiling and neither was I. It scared me a bit. Personally I'd be very very wary.

  • My boyfriend knows not lay a hand on me even play fighting or to be verbally abusive. I respect that so i dont play.. Stop trying to play fight with him dont provoke anything stop getting along with him that way bc u dont want it to turn worse you already know what he's capable of " without wanting to " if he loved you he wouldn't do it knowing he might possibly hurt youin some way emotionally or physically ..


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