What should a guy talk to a girl about shortly after she admits to thinking he is cute and likes him?

I've recently been talking to this girl. I like her and recently she's called me cute and indirectly admitted to liking me. I'm unsure of what to talk about at this point. I don't want to be too friendly and get friend zoned, while I also don't want to be too outgoing and be creepy.

All advice is appreciated.


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  • Then keep doing whatever you were doing man. Flirt, listen to whatever she has to say, don't talk much about yourself unless she asks, be courteous, dress well, have good hygiene, act confident, don't be a dick, don't be clingy. Just find the right balance, you did well so far no reason you couldn't keep it up.


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  • How did she indirectly say that she likes you?

    Please please please discard the notion that being nice, friendly, kind, or caring to a girl will make her drop you in the dreaded friend zone. That's not how girls function. That has no place in reality.

    • Well, this may sound silly but... Whenever we talk, we could get on the topic of her liking me. I'd say "you like me" in anyway that the mood entices, she would never say no she doesn't, just reply with "oh yea? What makes you say that ;) :)"

      Does it sound too good to be true?

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    • Madam.. not actually... In this scenario women's perception doesn't matter. Because guys know how false or shallow that is. Even douche acts like a nice guy. He fucks and goes. Women cry spending all night thinking "i thought he was such a nice guy"
      Women are victims of circumstances in such cases... not men. It doesn't surprise me when women often think of guys as "jerks" and good guy analysing her situation thinks " ah mahn.. i was such nice to her... okay i was not confident and shy but did everything she likes.. was available whenever she wanted.. One day when i confessed she says "hey sorry , i always thought of you as my close friend... but i am not the one you know? i want you to meet right girl someday"

      Look to my coincidence.. Guys have already create meme for this lol

      I do understand that nice guys are generally plain simple and boring smart geeks or nerds.

  • Talk about anything she likes


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  • Be anything except door mat. It is very important.
    Don't be available for her 24/7. Be yourself and don't transform yourself for her.
    Talk normally as you did uptil now. Don't initiate text or calls every time by yourself. Let her initiate too.
    When you act too nice... you would be surely friend zoned. Nice guys are not attractive for women.

    • Being available 24/7, changing for someone, initiating calls and texts constantly, isn't "nice" behavior, its clingy. Girls like guys who are nice. But they don't want someone clingy and desperate. There's a huge difference.

      I upvoted you before I read the last part.

    • Yep. All I'm saying is that your perception of what niceness is is inaccurate

    • Now you're just going off topic, my point is that being clingy isn't the same as being nice...

  • if she likes you then ask her out for coffee


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