Talk one day and ignore the next?

My crush has been avoiding me because I avoided him one time. After that everything has been messed up - he's stays avoiding me - walking with his head down when he sees me, going the other way, etc. After months!

Now he talked to me!! Yesterday and he was completely calm and asking me questions that he already knew the answers to. I was happy but now today he walked right by me (finally not avoiding me!) but he didn't look my way.

What's going on?


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  • Usually avoiding and not looking means pain and confusion. At least that's what i got out of it when it happened to me.
    There is this girl that at some point she would not talk to me, would not answer when I was saying hi or bye to the group ( part of the same group), she would just go quiet, like she was afraid of talking to me or doing anything that had something to do with me.
    i would sometimes catch her look at me. When i was looking back, she would look into my eyes but quietly turn her head. when i was actually addressing her, she would answer and then in a matter of minutes, she would start to get lively again

    He is most likely like this girl. Is he a guy that chases after girls all the time? It's most likely that he does not do that, that he liked you a lot and when you ignored him, he took it as a rejection. He was in pain ( holding head down and not saying anything), confused and also scared that you will notice that he likes you, and that you actually don't like him back and will expose him. Does not want to be that creepy guy.
    Now he approached you again because he had a reason to do it. The project that you guys have to do. This project helped him make a connection with you. It's the most random stuff. Nobody will suspect that he actually likes you for asking about a project.
    Keep in mind that he will show interest a lot less compared to before you ignored him.
    He will talk to you about the most random stuff, just so he does not blow his cover. My guess is he still likes you, but does not want to show it any longer and avoid you for the rest of the time when there is no reason to talk to you.
    So give him reasons to talk to you. If you sit next to eachother in class throw stuff at him, ask for his attention and give him yours. It would be also good that if others are making sexual jokes with you and/or say that you like some other dude, to turn down the rumours calmly. If you do not, he will keep ignoring thinking those might be true.

    • A lot of this makes sense but the fact he doesn't look my way unnerves me. I seen him check out another girl when he walked past her but he doesn't do that to me. It makes me feel like he doesn't like me. He walked past me but if he kept going straight (which he did) he would pass her too. She doesn't pay attention to him though. Things like this make me doubt he's actually interested in me still.

    • What would you like him to do though? Never open his eyes again. He will look at other girls, but that does not mean that he does not like you anymore. You (accidentally) ignored him and he felt rejected. This is what he feels at the moment. That you have rejected him.
      It's up to you to let him know directly (by telling him) or through behaviour (open up more to him) that it is not what you actually feel. You should have done something sooner to try and get him to open up.
      You ignored him and he felt you are not interested. He ignored you back and you feel he is not interested any longer. And i bet you are both standing there and wonder if there is still something and yet neither of you is willing to actually do something. It's a deadlock that will not break until you take matter to your hands and approach more or even confess.
      Wondering if he is still interested will only make it worse.
      Either do something or either let it go and let it be.

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  • it means he has calmed down, and he's not angry with you anymore

    • But does he like me still?

      He did at one point and I guess that's why he's was so offended.
      But I seen him looking at another girl from afar when he didn't know I was near. My heart just about broke.

  • When he talked to you what did he say?

    • He just asked me like three questions about a project we had to do.

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    • I thought it meant something because he could've just kept ignoring me like he's been doing. He didn't have to ask me those questions and there were other people around that he felt more comfortable with that he didn't ask. Plus he already knew the answers and was confident enough in them to correct me. So what was the point of asking me?

    • Confirmation. There's probably no secret handshake here.

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