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So I've been talking to a guy for awhile now and he's asked me out on a date. We planned for Thursday and on Thursday he said his boss made him work overtime so we couldn't go out. Then we planned for Sunday and on Sunday it snowed pretty bad and we had freezing rain so I figured out date was cancelled too but he told me it was cancelled because it was his only day off and he really just wanted to stay home and relax. I think he just keeps making excuses not to go out even though he is the one that asked me out. When I brought this up he said it was just because he'd rather stay home and relax rather than go out and be all "pissy and shit" because he just wants to sleep. I told him I understood because he does work 60+ hours a week and I could see how he would just want to stay home, but I'm the type of girl that doesn't need to go out. I wouldn't have minded just going over to his house and watching a movie, or even taking a nap together and I know he knows that too. So on Sunday the last text I sent him said that I understood and told him to let me know when he wanted to do something and he never replied to that text and I didn't text him anymore and he just now finally texted me today, on Thursday night when he hasn't texted me since Sunday. i didn't reply because I was going to sleep anyway and then later last night he snapchatted me and I opened it this morning but I didn't reply and I was planning on texting him back today but I wanted to get somebody else's opinion on what is going through this guys mind? And what he's trying to get out of "this"? We used to talk almost every day and they were always fun conversations and were never boring, we get along very well and he was very sweet in his texts before Sunday.


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  • Hi dear ! I've this situation before , i think you should look for someone else who could make time for you , give you attention! Like what happens after he becomes your boyfriend? will he keep ignoring you i mean You can't have somebody who's constantly busy and can't take some time off work for you ! Or if you really like him very much Then be blunt , ask him what's wrong and tell him what you expect! Good luck


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  • So what's wrong?


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