My friends with benefits has been acting differently ever since his trip?

My friends with benefits went on a trip for a little over a week far out of town. I didn't initiate any conversations because I figured he would be pretty busy site seeing and spending time with his friends. He ended up snapchating me almost every day and they weren't just snaps of the city he was visiting but like food places that he knows I like and himself and such. Well I ended up missing him a good amount which was weird because I have gone almost a month without seeing him before. When he was on his way home he was texting me and he was really chalk full of compliments. He compliments me normally but it was a lot more than normal. Calling me sweet and smart and fine etc. The day after he came back we hung out and when we hugged as a greeting then he said, "It feels like it has been forever." And we started kissing. The he told me all about his trip. We had some amazing sex but that's always been the case. Afterwards he was setting his alarm for me because I have work pretty early and I usually leave around 4am and he jokingly asked, "Should I set it for 10:00?" I just kind of laughed. Then when I was getting ready to leave he started asking If I was sure I was okay to drive. And I said yes and we hugged and kissed goodbye and he told me thanks and that he had a great time and to text him so he knows I got home safe. So I go home and text him and tell him thanks and that it was fantastic. Then he replied saying the same, so I kind of left the conversation at that and didn't reply. Then he snapped me later and said "last night was pretty great", even though we have told eachother this already multiple times hahaha. I definitely have feelings for him and I have been wanting to tell him but the main reason we keep things so secret is because he is my friends ex. They have been broken up for years but we still don't want to create drama. (She's my friend and all of his friends friend as well). Do you think he likes me or is just being a polite FWB? Thanks.
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  • I think he's definitely developed feelings for you as you did for him, you guys don't want other people knowing your relationship/fwb because it could potentially cause drama, but at the end of the day, if you two connect and want a relationship, you can't let other people decide that for you, I would pick my happiness over someones awkwardness. You guys are adults, there is no rule for dating especially if they broke up years ago, everyone has an ex, just so happens his is your friend, and apart of the friend group. If you guys have chemistry it wouldn't be hard to see in a group. He definitely missed you, I find that when people we like/love go away, we miss them more because we can't just go and see them like we would if they were just at home or in the same city etc.


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What Guys Said 1

  • I guess he's developed some feelings for you
    As you seem to have developed as well


What Girls Said 2

  • he probably likes u more then a friend

  • I think you’re trying to convince yourself that he’s developed feelings for you because you have a crush on him but if he really liked you like that then he would just make things official and stop letting his genital do all the work.

    • That's what I'm afraid of, that's why I decided to ask on here.

    • Awwwh, that was a really vulnerable statement. : / Why don't you just ask him?

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