If a guy saw a girl being a little beat around her mom, woukd he judge her?

I wasn't being mean but just bratty, I wonder what he must think of me


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What Guys Said 1

  • You got love your mom while you got her cause my moms decease
    and you wouldn't know how i wish i could have still have her in my life
    i know you have a BF yes you love him but please love mom , walk
    away if things get to heated arguments, if she comes to the same
    room take walk out of the house and let things cool down or take
    walk with you friends, BF. Yes, i had bad times in life with my mom
    but God only gives us 1 mother after she's gone that's it :/


What Girls Said 1

  • What do you mean? You argue with your mom?

    • Yeah kind of like not answering her properly, or paying more attention to him than my mom

    • He needs to understand that you and your mom don't make good friends. My mother tries to exert her authority as my parent to cross personal boundaries, it makes me angry. The people who get that are others in the same situation. I love her, i do what i can for her, but she is rude and irrational. I eventually hit a wall. We fight, but not as much as when i was younger. There are deep issues of resentment from both of us. She resents me for being my father's daughter, i resent her for neglecting me.

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