Why was he staring at me after so long?

Hi, basically I became best friends with this guy in September. And I felt like whether on just as friend or a romantic basis, he was my missing piece. I felt like he was the person I had waited for. He was really sweet to me and said things like "You're the sweetest thing to happen to me" and "we were honestly made to meet each other"
He is a flirt, but I thought that he liked me and my best friend thought it was obvious by the way he was acting with me. Then he suddenly stopped talking to me, and shortly after I told him that I liked him. My friend tried to get him to talk to me again, but he told her to go away basically.
So we hadn't spoken in 5 months, which admittedly has been the hardest 5 months of my life. But today I caught him staring at me numerous times. Which was completely out of the blue. Normally he never looks at me. I was sat with 2 other boys, and I was being very loud, which is strange as normally I am a very quiet person. But he was constantly staring at me and most of the time wouldn't look away when I caught him staring.
Any ideas why he might have been staring?


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  • No real reason.


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