Is my boyfriend of four years controlling or what is his problem?

I love my boyfriend of 4 years but sometimes I get frustrated. He works out of town often and yesterday we were talking via telephone. He asked what I was doing and I answered and he then wanted to know if I was home or at work. When I answered home, he wanted to know why I was at home and not at work. It aggravated me so much. Why was it any of his business why I was at home and not at work? He knew that we recently had a snow storm to come through. Did he think that perhaps I should have been out on the roads not matter what the conditions were like? Why did he care if I was at work? He does not pay my bills. Sorry to rant. Just really, really pissed me off.


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  • ehhh you're overreacting basically... he just asked... :-)


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  • Sounds like he's being nosy. Hard to say whether he's showing signs of being controlling. Some men get anxious, He may be worried that you have someone else occupying your time while he's gone. With him being away a lot I could see how anyone male or female would get a little worried about something like that.

    If it becomes a pattern then you might have to confront him about it and perhaps even reevaluate you're relationship. If he needs to now what you're doing and when every second of the day then I'd say there's a clear problem, but he may have been worried that there was another reason why you were at home and not at work. If you do fee like you need to confront him, make sure you say in a way that expresses how you feel without coming off as a personal attack.. ex. I feel (place you feeling) when you (what he's doing), I need you to (what needs to change)

    Hope this helps :)


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  • He's just nosey, simple as that. People care about the smallest things, that shouldn't matter perhaps he just wanted to know what you were in detail, a bit strange but oh well.


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