I kissed this guy annnnnd later he gave me a blank look?

So like I kissed this guy I like (on the cheek not lips!) it was a surprise and then I left. He said bye and later when I saw him he like gave me a blank look. Not smiling or anything. Just blank..

So... good or bad?
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if it isn't enough info, then tell me what you want to know
Thanks guys


Most Helpful Guy

  • He is in shock and confused

    • Yay!!!

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    • Then he probably does like you and wanted to talk to you and choked up

    • Thank you so much :)

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What Guys Said 2

  • His being too stunned to reply is not a negative response. You really may have "knocked him out" so to speak.

    • Hehe Thank you. He did say goodbye after I kissed him.

  • He was probably shocked

    • Good way or bad?

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    • Maybe it was a good shock

    • I hope it was :p Thanks.

What Girls Said 4

  • Not enough info. Did you guys ever speak after that? What is his personality like?

    • Other than him saying goodbye as I was leaving after I kissed him, no.

      His personality? He is shy and quiet yet fakes an outgoing personality. He hates dealing with feelings and is good at being neutral.

      He took the hallway I took after school. He knows I take that hallway! He knew by taking that hallway, he would be in direct contact with me. So it was intentional.

  • Wow, go you lol. Stunned him, you did. He was not expecting you to do that. A blank look after the fact is usually a good sign. More power to you lol.

  • Wow, that talk about seizing the moment!

    He was rendered speechless for sure.

    You must really, really like him and I hope everything goes well, Anon. :)

    • Hehehe I am surprisingly surprising!!

      I wish I knew if it was good or bad though.

      Thank you :D

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    • You're so welcome and trust me, everything's going to be okay...

      However things turn out with this guy, in the end, what you have and want for yourself... well, you'd be pretty surprised. Life is funny and life will throw at you men you thought you wouldn't've liked but are keepers.

      Again, you're welcome!

      Take care. :)

    • Not that I love harassing you guys but I just remembered something. He took the hallway I took after school. He knows I take that hallway! So he did it intentionally because he knows that the only hall I go.

  • ask him maybe?

    • :O I will give him a few days to relax and then I will ask.

    • he is probably alien who controls a dummy and say, oh this girl is getting it. our mission is successful. what's the next step then?

    • lol :p

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