How do I become friends with my ex-something again after really really embarrassing myself (and probably him)?

I had this really good friend, and then we made out and more at at this party, and after it was insanely awkward! But then we went to a dinner party together, where I got so drunk that I remember NOTHING, but I know that I essentially harassed him, as in screaming "I want *name*" and literally chasing him- how weird like I would never ever do that normally, wtf... But anyway now he's majorly freaked out, and tbh I don't even want to be sexually involved with him, I just miss my friend:( ANY tips would be oh-so appreciated


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  • just some advice... never drink because it will make you act goofy.

    apologise to him about what hapened, and if he accept the apologise, then it's all good :-)

    • oh god I KNOW, I can't even smell alcohol now without feeling sick, so no worries there :) thank you!

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