What goes through a guy's mind when they stare at a girl? And why do they stare?

Basically, I have noticed from the corner of my eye that many guys at my university tend to look/stare at me. I'm too shy to look at them but I definitely can tell. It makes me sort of uncomfortable, kind of like I'm being watched. I go to a small university (about 2000 students) so is it because they don't see me at parties or what (i don't party.. i'm like more low key settings)? Or is there something on my face?
And if they do stare, why don't they come talk to me if they want to? I might be shy but that does not mean I'm unfriendly!

guys, if you can tell me, what goes on in your minds if you look at a girl? thank you


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  • I normally admire how attractive she is. If she is not attractive, I will take a quick look to assess her threat level and move on with my day. If I stare at a girl for 4 or five seconds, then I am admiring her beauty.


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  • Sometimes you can just see someone and think wow, they look attractive and interesting. It's probably no different from when you look at a guy!

  • It is just nature. You can't not stare. Welcome in adulds mode :)


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