Let go or innitiate contact?

I met this guy at one career event. Basically at first I didn't feel anything about him. When we were leaving the event as the last ones, together with another girl (who's married), they suggested to walk to the city station to accompany me even they have bikes (it's getting late)
On the way back we all talked, it opened my eyes how much we connect. When the girl left (she lived nearer), he was still walking me to the station. Time passed so fast and we talked about many things even our family. When at the station, my train got delayed for half an hour, I told him he can go home first, but he wants to wait with me. I saw a piano at station and played. Then I realize how much we have common in music. when it's time to go, he went to the platform with me, we waited until the train comsee each other on the event two days after (the same event). He didn't ask my number (his phone is out of battery, but I don't know if it is the reason). But at the later event, He didn't come.
1. I got a bit confused. Normally I'm not first sight kind of person. But this is the first time I feel so connected with someone at first. It seems that he also enjoys my company, but why he didn't do anything to maintain the contact?
2. he was complimenting me about how my experience is cool, I'm beautiful and I'm good at music. I just briefly said thank u I didn't flirt back at all. I thought at first meeting, take it easy.
3. I took granted that I will meet him again so I didn't ask him no. It's a pity coz I felt connected, but maybe it's not the same for him. I'm a bit traditional I always think guys should initiate but this case I feel even it would be nice to have him as a friend..

So I have his name from the later event, do you guys think I should let go or add him on social network to keep contact?


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