My crush give off signs of interests but always with other girls?

My crush is the popular kid at school and that is one thing bothers me. He's attractive and every girl wants his attention, so he's been staring for 5 months everytime I see him and I actually kept track. I read signs online and YouTube and it matches also my friend tells me they think he's interested an he stares at me. But there is some girl that continuously with my crush, not all the time but here and there. But that's not the only girl he's been with there is many others, but my friend tells me after class sometimes they meet up, not everyday but here and there once in a blue moon. So I'm seriously confused, does anyone have some good advice for this situation and some honest opinions.. Because I am so confused.
Over time if you get obvious signs of someones interest, you start to catch on their interest for you. And if their what you're attracted to, depending on the person, you start to grow feelings for that person.


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  • he might like her or he can be like me and just have fun with her, believe me some of my friends are girls and they are always hugging me and we hang out here and there, like with me she might think he is just a good friend but don't get your hopes to high up because even though i don't know you i don't want you to feel bad, but why don't you ask him if he likes you it's the safest way to know

    • Yea that's the tricky part I don't understand, but he's with many girls, and it's really confusing. Very friendly? Perhaps flirtatious?

    • do some research, maybe it's just the way he is, the best thing you should do is to be with him to see if he reacts the same because if he doesn't it's because he might think you are different (in agood way) so just spend a couple of hours with him if you have time but don't show that you are nervous because he can realize it and may begin to feel unconfortable and it can get awkward

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  • I wouldn't base if a guy is interested in you on info you find on the web. The simple way could maybe talk to him in class, talk to him in person, don't just stare ( we know he's hot) but maybe he thinks the same thing. Get up and talk to him. You'll never know.

    • That's really true about the web, but sometimes I like to check and make sure I am not making any mistakes. I just noticed him constantly staring. Over time I caught feelings because he would make everything obvious, like when he sees me he would hold the gaze on purpose. But why is so many girls around him and all of that, it confuses me.

    • haha I do the same thing. Boys are hella confusing. I would just start up a convo with him in class. Ask him for pencil or a piece of paper then start the small talk. Don't assume things! Just keep it chill.

    • I most truly agree "Don't assume things!. Just keep it chill." I really like that Lool! And I'll always remember that and keep that in mind. Yea because I don't want to go off by the little things I see and than make it into something else, but who knows, so like you said "just chill".

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  • LOOOOOOL! He should make a move he is making you jealous dont bite the bait ask him to help you sometimes just take his attention for a while and he will come and talk to you!

    • But usually my friend has the same hallway as him, and my crush knows that I am friends with my friend lol. My friend told me not to worry because he has a lot of girls as friends , basically knows everybody. But that time I wasn't around she told me some girl was in the hallway guess one of his friends (she was a girl) and my crush went in front of my friend and went up to the girl

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    • Why dont you ask him?"Why you stare at me all the time "

    • πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜­ Nvm thanks for your help. :)

  • Sounds like this other girl likes him and she's making sure he knows it

    • Oooh I definitely know what you're saying now.

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    • Well me personally Im quite straight forward with things like this so what I would do is tell this other girl that im not interested or politely friendzone her. Then id wait till we walk past some time, drop a compliment then talk a bit the next day

    • if could conclude she liked me then id ask her out :P

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