Guys, what would you choose?

Guys, say your wife/girlfriend was in labor, delivering your child, and you were told there were complications and only your girl or the baby could be saved, which would you save? I'm sure all women would choose to save the baby, but girls if you disagree please feel free to comment! Please explain your reasoning!


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  • Even though i'm a young kid i would choose the baby not for the fact that i'm a kide as well but yes because it's what she would probably want


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  • I think I'd want to save me lol!
    I don't even know if that's selfish or not? Maybe if I was pregnant or in that situation I'd feel differently..

    But right now, I think I'd pick me to live!
    Hahaha I feel I'm gonna be the only one to say I would save myself. Oh dear lol.


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  • I really don't know. It's very difficult question. Because you have one choise to choiseen one and they are humans. Plus, they are two persons you really love in your life so i can't choosen.

  • Save your wife, then have another child. You'll get over the depression after a year or so.


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