Which guy likes me?

The one who stares into my eyes, never looking away, and tries to woo me over when I'm mad at him?

Or the guy who stares into my eyes, blushes red and looks away real fast, then proceeds to act like a loud monkey in order to get my attention?

It scared me so much when he did that.


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  • The one who blushed then looked away seems to like you, but is shy. He probably doesn't know what to do around you. The other guy is either just harmlessly flirting or likes you, but he is more confident.

    • Uh... if he likes me, then why purposely make me so uncomfortable!

      He was yelling stuff out at me towards the end and laughing so much, i thought he was making fun of me.

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    • it's really funny how all these boys supposedly 'like' me, but when I was in need of friends none of them wanted to be friends.

    • Because people are A holes.

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