Lust vs Love how do you know which one a guy feels toward you?

I hear that sometimes or most times for men lust turns into love or men fall for women with lust but guys how would you differentiate love vs lust and how do we girls know if you mean it?

I recently didn't go all the way with this guy after he really pushed himself on me when all the time, i wasn't looking for a physical relationship ( more of a friend) and he wasn't as responsive after when I tried to establish a closer relationship. So I decided if I was a object of lust or what ever that I just would not talk to him and removed him from my friends list on fb. He still tries to talk to me even though I have explained I do not want to talk to him and there isn't a point. Is he just hard core lusting after me? especially if he doesn't try to have like profound conversations or anything. Or maybe he is that closed minded?


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  • rarely does a mans lust turn to love. if it started off only being a lustful thing, it'll probably end that way.


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