Why does he like my body?

My SO always tells me how much he loves my body. Now he is ripped and toned and I sm just average and soft feeling. I have a big butt, big thighs, and am not built. however, he can't seem to get enough of my body. He likes the way my body feels against his, he likes how it looks, etc. i see beautiful skinny toned women look at him and flirt with him; model looking women, and I wonder why he likes me over them when my body is just average? I am paralyzed and I wish I could work out more, but my body isn't as it used to be, so I'm just wondering how I am attracting such a physically built guy. Any ideas on why he would like my body? Thank you!


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  • Guy likes what a guy likes. Why complain?


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  • Your type of body may just be his preference, or he may just really like you, therefore your body is beautiful to him


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  • Umm... why don't you just ask him?


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