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Ever since I started working here, he would flirt with me and tell me I have a wonderful smile and just can't help but smile when I smile at him. He compliments me everytime I see him, he only works weekends, and well he's just the very flirty type. First off, I would never date someone from work. He's asked me multiple times to go on a date, but then he was in a relationship for like 2months (he would still wink at me and try talking to me but I would completely ignore him) and I guess it didn't work out so now he went back to hitting on me (which I've told him before that I'd never go on a date with him). one time he even said hi to me twice & I ignored him & then he came over and said hi again and asked if I had heard him and I told him I did and he asked if I just decided to ignore him and I said yes. I noticed he felt bad after because the whole day he would just look at me and not say anything. Well I think today was the last time I'd see him until he comes back from his month trip. He kept asking me questions trying to get to know me and asked if I was dating anyone from work and I told him I'd never date anyone at work and he replied with "well good thing I won't be working here anymore, that way we can date" and everytime I reject him he has to tell someone, like he either can't believe it or its a complete joke. What do you think? Is he just really brave or is he just stupid and a complete flirt? I actually think he's super attractive. I've thought this since day one but when I realized he had some sort of interest in me I was like "ehh" bc I don't really have to work for his attention.
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  • I have to tell you the truth I wouldn't since he still flirted with you even when he was in a relationship so what's gonna stop him from doing that to you but then again if after that month that goes by that he comes back and tries to flirt with you after he stopped working there give it a try I mean he did do a lot of effort but don't take it that serious that quickly because believe it or not when we're the most careful were the most vulnerable just be careful but not too careful

    • That's true, he could do the same to me. I kinda hope he asks me again when he gets back but then I don't bc I don't like relationships.. He thinks that my last date went horrible and that's why I won't go out with him

    • Hey your trying him out first right now so it really shouldn't matter to him how it goes the first couple of times he would make an effort to make it better and you don't have to necessarily be in a relationship you can just date and address your terms if he's interested because it's all on you on how you want things to go

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  • The first part was sweet but I can understand where your coming from, I personally don't like being suffocated and the fact that he keeps asking you out and telling people isn't right in my book either, he seems needy or just has a huge ego.

    • Yes. He definitely has a huge ego. But ugh, it's my last month working here.. I kind of want to. give him a chance but he's just so out there.. And that ego of his ehhh

  • Def want ya

    • Clearly. That wasn't the answer I was looking for

    • He is stupid bc he should just wait till you quit so it won't be sexual harassment

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