How can I stop worrying that every guy I meet will lose interest?

So been single two months now. My worry is that the next guy i like will leave too. So instead of flirting back an showing interest i shy away from interacting.

Every guy i've met, ditches me. Either because they didn't get sex straight away or something a simple as a kiss on first date. There was no special moment to kiss with a guy i went on first date with.

So he did me a favour leaving but i still find that guys hate my innocent nature and look. But they don't know what i am like on bedroom an how i wish to please a guy i am with. So their loss.

I have had 5 relationships that failed. An none of guys were right for me. They was either childish and immature, controlling, just into sex, liars and cheats.

I have picked badly. Due to my shyness i have gone for guys who have gone for me. They was not who they appeared to be in. the beginning.

I like a guy at the moment. He seems mature, friendly and polite an is attractive but i keep thinking will i bore him will he use me too etc. Its hard to let guard down after so many let downs. He has no idea i am interested.

I forgot how to flirt or talk to a guy.


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  • Try going after a guy who interests YOU instead o waiting for a guy. Guys who are very outgoing are often player types...

    Take the initiative, yourself. It's ok, ithe days when it wasn't 'proper' for females to do that are in the past!


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  • FUck it learn to "game" OR get into a lot of "GUY" things like sports, hunting or something I don't know ^^

    • Well there's girls an guys who love sports. Just like some guys like dancing. It's equal rights for all. I personally do not think sports is just a guy thing.

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