Should I give up on him?

I don't know whether to give up on this guy. I really like him. There is a something between us. When I first met him, I somehow knew that I would end up dating the guy. I have never met a guy as nice as him or that I instantly connected with. He's really shy and we have known each other for 10 months now and he still barely talks to me unless I talk to him first. Sometimes I think he likes me back and other time I have no idea if he does or not. I feel like I could be waiting forever for this guy to ask me out or show interest in me. His best friend pays more attention to me and he has a girlfriend and doesn't like me. Sometimes I feel like I am wasting my time liking this guy.

Because he is so shy and I do like him, I would be willing to ask him out (even though I believe that a guy should do that) if he flirted with me or gave me any indication that he liked me.

What do you think I think I should do?


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  • Follow your heart.


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