What's my bf wants to say to me? What's he wants from me?

My bf always says to me about me that I'm sensational queen, I want to know that what's mean to be a sensational queen? What's the meaning of sensation queen? And he always holds my hands and says to me that he wants to non stop continuously drink my lips, I want to know in details about his intentions but I'm shy to ask him. Girls and guys, first I want to know about these from you, so that I can be confident about it's answers and talk to him frankly about it because don't know why I'm little bit confused.
We did never ever love make and we never ever even kissed each other on lips.
Yesterday he said to me directly that he wants to love make with me and said that he loves physical intimacy and love make and he said that I look sexy.


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  • it's obvious to guess it

    it means that you give him SATISFACTION

    • But I never ever even kissed him

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  • Means you turn him on lol

    • But while saying these words he does not looks like he is turned on and what is sensational queen? And what's drinking lips?

    • Sensational queen. I guesss he means you give him sensations.. Lol. Drinking lips means he wants to taste your lips.. Haha.
      In simple word, he is physically attracted to you

    • Oh no I will die if he will non stop continuously taste my lips lol because it will be intolearable for me.. And I don't like to taste anyone's lips.. Haha.. There are so many delicious foods to taste.. Lol.

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  • He wants you in other words.

    • Wants me for what?

    • Stop playing dumb and start seeing the bigger picture! He wants to kiss you and have sex with you.

    • So does he means that he wants to non stop continuously french kiss my lips?

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