How will this kind of guy acts around girls he likes?

Self explanatory question // A guy that kind of reserved and yet not very shy. Has lots of friends, and can be really friendly. Outspoken at times.

He described himself as shy and reserved but outgoing and friendly when he's comfortable.


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  • Sounds like if he is already close to the girl in question then he would behave similar to how he normally does with friends but with a few slight differences.
    Eye contact, compliments, maybe stumbling over his words ever now and then (all these considering he doesn't do that with everyone)
    If he likes a girl but isn't really acquainted with them then he'd probably stay quite distant, reserved. Sneak glances at you every now and then. Not trying to be creepy but kinda seeming like it XD

    • HAHAHA that does sound a tad bit creepy but thanks man!

      There's this guy that I kinda maybe like (ok I like him) and we are uh friends I guess? He says that we ARE friends but I feel like he became more of an acquaintance.

      I always catch him looking over and quickly looking away. His friend told me his shoulders tensed a little when I walked in, my friends told me that they felt tension between us, idek why.

      He would approach me for small talks when he thinks I feel out of the group. Once, we were playing ToD, he was asked to describe the girls present there, I was the only one he called "super pretty"

      Ok sorry I'm done 😂 thanks again

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    • I am terribly shy!!! But thank you so much, that boosted my confidence like 10x about him and I

    • I'm glad to hear it.
      If you like him then you should straight up tell him how you feel! Waiting is worse than actually getting it over with

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  • Sounds like me xD
    Okay so maybe if he doesn't know the girl very well he'll maybe stare at her, or if the girl talks to him he may avoid eye contact (if he usually holds eye contact with acquaintances).
    If he's with the girl that has been friends with him for some time and he's comfortable, maybe spend more time with her (may be just because he thinks she's a good friend), talk to her more, laugh at what she says. Maybe when her name is mentioned his eyes will light up.
    Hope it helped.


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  • Around girls he will probably be really nervous and shy since he's not comfortable yet


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