What does it mean when a guy friend wants to take a selfie with you and post it on instagram?

I've never met him and I'm gonna see him tomorrow and he says that he wants to take a selfie with me and post it on instagram but I don't wanna... so awkward haha. But why would he want to take a selfie with me? Why doesn't he post him and his other friend that is also a girl together on instagram? Why me?


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  • Absolutely nothing.


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  • That's weird. Guys shouldn't take selfies

    • Haha what's wrong? He's good looking mind you. And plenty of guys take Selfies... lol, there's nothing wrong with a guy taking a selfie as long as he doesn't over do it with the tongue sticking out and whatsoever if you know what I mean hahaha

    • Okay... But I still think it's a little weird. Guys should be to busy with a job or fixing a car. You know, more manly things than selfies

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