Does he like me or is he just being friendly?

There's this guy and he's in my homework class , so he liked this girl who was just messing around with him and he used to tell me all about her and I just gave him advice as a friend cause at that time I didn't like him other than just a friend... but when he realised that she was just messing with him, he gave up on her. .. The thing is now I'm starting to like him and I don't know if he likes me cause he always tells me I'm pretty but in a joking way, when ever he sees me he greets me , he always offers to help me with homework , sometimes he jokes around and tells me he loves me. .. The other day he asked who I like and I was just like someone and I asked him who he likes and he said no one at the moment... so I really don't know?
He asked me to find him a girl. .. so it seems like he's not interested in me


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  • He jokes that he loves you? I think he's into you


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  • your best bet is to just go for it, guys like girls that make the first move as it takes the pressure off us, and even though he says you're pretty in a joking manner it is more than likely he actually thinks you're pretty. In short he probably likes you back so just go for it


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