Guy videotaped me at the drivethru?

Last night at work, as this guy drove off my coworkers were freaking out, asking of I saw that the guy was video-recording. I said no, as we were swamped and I was just focused on my job. They said they weren't doing anything that he could turn into corporate and I know I wasn't, but I don't want to seem vain by thinking he was trying to videotape me. He was acting weird. I have been photographed at another job when a male customer took my picture 20x while I was checking him out. That one, I know was for perverted reasons, as after I got my manager to speak to him, he started taking pics of me again. Why get pics and videos of me? I don't look like a Victoria's Secret model? It's frustrating because I don't think I'm that pretty and it makes you feel violated. Why do they do that?


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  • Practically nearly every device has a camera these days. Anyone could be getting filmed in public and wouldn't even know it half the time


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  • be careful. sometimes men take pictures of women for human trafficking reasons.

    • Yeah, that is why it kinda creeped me out.

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    • Extremist? Kind of like thinking that the reason someone is videoing you is because they want to kidnap you and traffic you to a wealthy middle eastern sheik.

      Research? Research tells me that muggers get within 2 feet of a person to mug them. I guess the next time I'm on the sidewalk I'll scream if someone invades my personal space.

    • Whatever works best for you :) How about we all just leave our doors unlocked and carry all our most expensive possessions on hand in poor areas with high crime rates? Or while we're at it, let's publish our social security numbers online for all to see?

      I can do without your sarcasm. If you feel that you're really safe then lets just hope nothing bad happens to you or your loved ones in this society we live in. There are bad people out there and its a choice whether or not to be cautious. Don't try to dumb down others who are genuinely concerned for their safety.

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  • It's not illegal to take pictures/video of people without their consent as long as their clean images and video no upskirts or anything revealing.

  • I agree they do video record and take pictures of females that
    could be considered illegal

  • Maybe they were gonna prank you and bottled it.

    • It was one older guy. I doubt it. He was trying to conceal the camera and was acting weird.

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