Does my crush like me? He's confusing me?

Hello! :) So there is this guy in my astronomy class that I have a crush on he's a really cool guy, We are always looking at each other but we both seem to shy to really have a conversation and at least be good friends. We have talked a couple of times but we haven't in ages... It always seems so awkward when we are in close proximity. Whenever we see each other our eyes meet :) and whenever he's near me he is always turning around and looking! My friend even said that as I walk past him they nudge and start teasing him.. We walk home the same way and he always looks and so do his friends and they tease him sometimes. One day my friend messaged him saying hi and she told him that her friend (me) likes him but he said his crush doesn't even talk to her? She also told his friends the colour of my tie and the first letter of my name. Now for the really annoying bit, whenever we are close I just feel so awkward and nervous. I have a gut feeling he likes me but can I trust it? a couple of days ago him and his friends just randomly came to where I hang in breaks (the art room) and wandered around I walked out to the toilet then came back and they were still there, he walked close to where I was sitting.. and It just felt SO AWKWARD I thought he was going to talk to me and maybe even ask me out! His friends also looked at me particularly and made way for him to me. It was all kinda a blur but nothing happened... Did they really just come up to take a silly photo and leave? Didn't feel like it! My friends thought he looked nervous and they also thought he was gonna ask me out.. The friend who messaged him on Facebook was quite angry about this and disagreed completely... He doesn't like leaving the class before I do too, he waits for me to leave...
(sorry for how long this is as well!)
Does it sound like he likes me?
Im actually 15 btw! :)


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  • Ask him out yourself!

    • I wanna be friends first and I just don't feel comfortable with that..

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