I don't understand my crush's behavior?

he liked me last year and I don't know if he still likes me and i liked him back this whole time (i still do) but i didn't have to guts to tell him.
he and i don't talk as often anymore but i can sense he gets a bit jealous if i tell him about how this other guy likes me.

i told my friend i've liked him this whole time and she said she'll tell him for me. and she told him as if just gossiping, and she told me that he was excited and all happy. she also told me he said he still likes me.

i was happy and i texted him but his responses are short, and he doesn't talk to me. if he likes me why doesn't he?

i asked my friend and she says he's nervous but it's jsut texting and he and i texted a lot last year.. i'm confused


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  • ask the guy himself, not anyone else.


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