Girls, if your crush wanted to talk about your friend, how far would you go in discussion?

Let's say he starts asking about your friend. How far would you go to talk to him about her? Would you try to end it?


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  • Eh I don't think I would give him much information. I'd be too jealous about it.

    • What does "don't worry, I don't think she's mad at you" mean to you?

      Would you say this to your crush if he asked?

    • Well, coming from me, I would just say it so he'd stop talking about it. Maybe I would think he was worried about what my friend thinks because if she hated him she would give me a reason to hate him too.
      So if he asked, sure I guess I'd say that.

    • Wow you explained more than I was hoping. Thanks a lot!

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  • I'd talk with him about her for as long as he wanted. I would also tell him whatever he wanted to know.

  • it depends on what he's trying to talk about.


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