Am I being sister zoned?

So I met this guy briefly with a bunch of friends a few months ago. Didn't think anything of it. But about 2 weeks ago he started messaging me. ALOT! At the moment he messages me every single day many times. He asked me to meet him so I did. Some of his friends saw us and started telling everyone that we're dating (we're not) so he said that his excuse is that I'm his SISTER!! I really like him and I'm confused on whether he likes me or not? He asks me lots of questions about me and is really sweet so I was so confused when he told me about the sister thing. Someone help please :(


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  • Perhaps... but it could be he said something like that because he is unsure what you think of him and he got embarrassed and just responded stupidly.

    Perhaps you should just kind of say in a silly way "what was up with the SISTER comment!" See what he says.

  • To me it sounds like he got embarrassed and rather than admit he was meeting up with a girl (omg ew, girls have cooties) he stupidly jumped to the first thing that popped into his head which was the 'sister' excuse.

    Relax, I would say he still likes you. If you really aren't sure then you can always bring up the topic and say something like "you didn't genuinely want them to think i was your sister did you?"


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