OK girls, let's nip this in the bud, what does it mean to you when a guy tells you that he "misses" you?

Guys what do you REALLY mean when you tell a girl you "miss" her? Especially if you coke out of the blue with it ex: you haven't talked to the girl in a while, then you randomly text "I miss you".
Lol typo... not coke come out the blue


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  • I would probably mean that I'm considering the idea of hanging out with that person more and catching up on each other's lives. A lot of times it's guilt-related because I have a lot of friendships that ended just from not making the effort to hang out, and it it makes me sad to think back on that. Why? What would you think I meant?

    • Then he's dealing with the guilt because that's EXACTLY why I told him I was done and didn't want to talk anymore. He made ZERO effort no matter how much I expressed myself to him.

    • Are we talking about relationships or friendships? If it's the former, then fair enough.

    • Relationships

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  • I hope it means that they miss me lol. Sometimes I get the feeling that they just say it because they think that that's what we want to hear.

    • Right! Lol. Like I said I haven't spoken to him in weeks then out of the blue he misses me. I think he just wanted some ass because I didn't respond and he didn't say anything else. If he REALLY missed me he would've called.

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    • Omg I'm totally nervous because I really don't want to talk to him, but at the same time I want him to know I know what its about.

    • Lol well if you're uncomfortable then just leave it be.

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What Guys Said 2

  • An ex fwb? Probably wants sex. An ex bf? Probably misses you.

    • friends with benefits . And I know he just want the vajay

  • they genuinely miss you 95% of the time

    • Or they just want some ass?

    • yea but thats only like 5% of the time.

    • You mean to say if 20 guys said that to a girl, on average only 1 would be doing it for ass? I'd guess closer to 25%.

What Girls Said 2

  • Guys are really direct when they say things, so it usually means that he misses me.

  • If you guys are close friends: they miss you powerfully and they want to catch up on life.

    If you two are in a relationship: he honestly misses you and probably wants to do something kinky

    • We had a more sex relationship and that wasn't enough for me after a while.

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