Does depression make you look at someone different/ is depression off putting?

Okay, so i feel like guys look at me different once they find out i have clinical depression.(they can't really tell unless they are told because i have gotten VERY good at hiding my depression) I don't think that they realize that once they find out I'm not going to change, i still act the same.
Is depression off puting?
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  • Is having depression off putting? - Interesting way of phrasing it - Could quite easily be phrased as would a person's ability to understand my mental health issues affect my relationship with them - I have had depression and know what a deeply personal battle it is but I also feel that it is a huge part of me to the extent that if anyone offered to take away some of the things that would make me prone to bipolar I would say "No way". A non depressed person would not understand that so the problem is not mental health issues but the understanding of it. In short is your depression a factor in meeting someone yes but in the same way as your look, personality, the chemistry between you. Your depression is part of you - You wouldn't say if the boy doesn"t like my right leg I would change it. Love and accept yourself and expect the same courtesy from others.


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  • It can be. If someone is not trying to take care of it, then yes it can be. You say you hide yours. However I would contend that it still impacts you and how you deal with others. So for me, it would not be that you had depression that was off-putting, it would be if you were doing what you need to do to properly treat it. Then i would see it as being no different than someone with diabetes who takes care of themselves and follows what their doctor tells them to do.

    I hope that helps... can expound more if you wish.

  • As someone with depression I get that same reaction from people whenever they find out about me. The reason for it is probably because most people see depressed people as those who are suicidal and are always pessimistic. This is not always true of course and because of it the people who found out about your depression might have gotten surprised that you weren't as though most are told depressed people are.
    I don't know if any of that answered you question, but in shorter words. For most people yes because they think depressed people will only bring the mood down wherever they go.


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  • Depression is like a constant inward battle. Hiding it shows your strength of character. Depression can also be very debilitaing too. There is different levels and causes for depression, and i think some people who are't very informed about it tend to pre- judge people who suffer from It.

  • Yes. No offense, but I will never get romantically involved with someone who is clinically depressed or deals with depression. This is mainly because my father has been chronically depressed since I was 12 and after observing how it tore apart his marriage and made it unbearable to be around him, it would be absolute torture to get involved with someone like that! I am on a mission to live a peaceful, happy, positive, fun life and someone who is always moping around, being negative, feeling sorry for themselves, and frowning would impede that goal. I'm not a professional, I don't have a license in therapy, I'm not a paid psychologist, I'm no one's mother therefore I feel that it's really unfair for me to have to take on the load of someone else's mental instability and/or depression. People need to be responsible and handle their mental flaws on their own instead of having 'Cinderella Syndrome' and wanting someone to rescue them from their "cold, dark, dusty cellar.'

    You on the other hand are only 13 and it's not uncommon for kids your age to struggle with depression but it's usually just a passing phase. So my answer may not apply to you or if it does, it may not apply to you for long. No offense girl, but typically dealing with depression is a chore and no one really wants to do it. Even empaths who love to help people find themselves getting drained and exhausted after a while from constantly trying to aid a miserable person.

    • That is completely understandable, i think

    • Thanks for being open-minded : )
      I really hope this answer doesn't offend anyone who struggles with depression but take it from someone who has had YEARS of experience being around someone like that: IT IS EXHAUSTING. It's frustrating, draining, and SO irritating. Holidays, birthdays, and special occasions become less exciting, enjoyable, and memorable with "Eore" acting like they are no big deal. The constant frowning and pity parties are just outright annoying. There are different levels of depression so my reaction may not even apply but generally being loyal and giving time to someone with depression takes SO much energy out of me and I just can't do it. I've lost enough time, energy, and moments with struggles of my own without losing even more because someone won't overcome theirs.

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