If a guy only befriends pretty girls, is that bad?

He never even Facebook adds people he thinks are not attractive.

He, for some reason unknown to me, decided to add me on Facebook even though I was looking horrible the last time he met me.

Either he must really like me, or he still remembers how good i looked from the first time he met me


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  • You should feel flattered, he consider you pretty enough to add you !

    I don't think that bad, just a little bit shallow.

    • I'm pretty and I know I am, but I don't judge people by their looks.

      Ironically HE is not good-looking, he's kind of short and skinny and got a very small build.

      I find it so hypocritical that he judges women like that

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    • maybe waht? lol

    • Accidentally press enter lol :P

      maybe that the reason he want to befriend pretty people. It will boost his self-esteem and think he fit in with everyone.

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  • You have a natural attraction then

    • Really?

      He befriended me within a couple of days meeting me, and took some time to add the other girls

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  • he's a jerk in my opinion.

    that's not fair to add ONLY people you find attractive!

    • I know!

      I think he does it because he knows that people who are not that attractive are 'less' on the scale of popularity, so he thinks hanging out with them won't get anything

  • i m like that sometimes. in terms of people id go out with alone.


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