Was he flirting with me?

So I was with my mom and pointed to something and cutely said, 'look mom, it's got the poster coming up.'

And the two guys behind me were like, 'Yes, we see it, there are posters up," while laughing.

I've had tonnes of examples like this with guys trying to initiate conversation with me out of nowhere. Or if I'm clikcing a picture of a selfie, they'll make some funny face in the background and then laugh when I'm scrolling through my photos.

Why do guys flirt like this, do they think the girl is cute? Or are they jsut having fun thinking nothing of it?

Why do it in front of my mom? -_-
Once I was sitting in the mall and my friend was like, 'I think x person only likes girls,' and this guy was like, that's funny, I only like girls too. Then he went on to ask where I was from, and said, "I love you," in another language.

I politely got up and left, but at the very least sensing I was uncomfortable he stopped


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What Guys Said 1

  • those guys are jerks and have no shame basically... i would understand if they did it in front of your friends or if you were by yourself... but in front of your mom? they have no respect... ;-)

    • lol my mom's a pretty chilled out person, she just tells me to ignore them when they do that, but I agree it's not respectful, to me, or my mom!

      This other guy I know who I couldn't help but flirt with even in front of my mom seemed really uncomfortable she was there... does that mean he does respect me? He looked so adorable and uncomfortable I was like aww you're such a cutie

    • I know I shouldn't be doing that in front of her no matter how much I like him, he might get the wrong message. But I sometimes tell my mom about him too, I think she realizes I like him and doesn't mind because he's a good guy

What Girls Said 1

  • Klaatu's right. I don't know what they were trying but thats not how to flirt.

    • I have this very 'cute' look/voice to me, so I'm used to people laughing at some of the things I do, as they would a child. Some one pointed out too what you think is naturally 'cute' comes across as a reason to flirt with you for other people.

      For example, even when I'm with my girl friends I'm used to kissing them on the cheek, or holding their hands, or just generally being cute. I don't mean to draw attention to myself it's jsut who I am

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