I really need guys opinions- do you think he liked me?

Okay. I'm not trying to ask him out. All I want to know is if you think he might like me. :)

We're 18 and in high school. We had classes together for the past two years.

He's shy and has no experience and is kinda awkward. But..
-he was the one who initiated conversations
-sat by me in every class just about, even if we had assigned seats, he'd find an excuse to move
-I caught him looking at me many times
-he holds eye contact for a really long time, ie 4-5 seconds randomly
-he asked my friend about my guy friend
-if I mention a guy he will ask about him
-a few times, he has been touchy, such as poking me, putting his hand on my back when I said it hurt, he's played footsie
-he used to ask me to come over a lot.

Coming from him, a lot of that is really bold.

good signs right? However, he's also been like this

-didn't give me a shred of attention at some times
-didn't want to hang out on the two occasions I asked
-told his friend he didn't like me when he asked if he did
-acted kinda aloof when if I flirted too much? Like if I was a bit more forward than usual he didn't react the way I'd expect :/

He isn't the type of guy to play games. He doesn't talk to other girls much. He has zero experience- no kissing, anything sexual, no dating, nothing. He's kind of nerdy honestly. I've never seen him flirt with anyone else. So I'm so confused. All I want to know is if he liked me.

I know for a fact he liked a girl a few years ago and never did anything about it. He even admitted it. He also said he didn't like her anymore so I don't think that's the problem.

Just confused. What do you think?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Gosh girl. I'm in the exact same boat as you. To the detail.
    Since he's a shy guy, he probably does like you.
    However, observe (have someone observe) how he is with other girls. Does he act the same way around them? If he does, he could just be a natural flirt. If he doesn't, then perhaps he really does like you.
    I suggest you have someone trusty observe him for you because he could try to get you jealous if he notices you are observing him.
    I hope I helped!!

    • Thank You. I hope your situation is going well lol

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  • he likes u but isn't sure if u like him so he trys to play it off cuz he feels u are out of his league so u have to start the relationship but dont ask him out just kiss him or hold his hand or something to give signs u wanna be with him but dont jump right to kissing him make sure he does like u if he likes u den he will seem even more akwardly nervous when u get affectinate with him,,, he sounds like how i used to be in high school

    • The thing is though, two people have already told him that I like him and he never acted on it :/

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    • I'm sorry to hear that :/

      Thanks for the advice!

    • no problem let me know how it goes

  • way too long question! tbh i didn't read half of it but anyway i'm sure he likes you and since he's shy he's afraid of what your reaction would be. so you have to show him you like him back

  • yeah he did, if he's shy then for sure he did. Ask him to hang out somewhere he'll say yes

  • im unsure but id lean toward he did


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