Are we friends or does he have feelings for me?

I have crazy feelings for one of my guy friends and I told him I had feelings for him a couple of months ago and when I told him he said absolutely nothing and didn't respond, it was a little awkward for the first two weeks but then everything went back to normal.. We work together and we are very close, he flirts with me constantly and never wants to leave my side, this is only making things worse for me because my feelings are growing more and more.

The things he says to me makes me think that he has feelings for me and that he's just scared to make the commitment.. He gets mad at me if I don't say hi or talk to him and he gets mad when I leave without saying goodbye to him.

He always gets mad when I ask someone else to go somewhere with me instead of asking him, his response one time was " why did you ask that person to go with you? Don't you know that I would go anywhere with you".. He is also always with me at work and he CONSTANTLY makes eye contact when he walks by..

He always wants to watch the same shows as me, he says it makes him feel more connected to me.

I know I'm just throwing out random things.

He waits for me after work and walks me out to my car, he always wants to be together. We don't hang out outside of work but hopefully that will change.. He always takes his breaks with me and always follows me around and never wants me to leave his side. I'm really not sure what to do, I'm falling in love with him and he knows I have feelings for him, so why would he do all this stuff if he didn't have feelings for me and make this so much harder on me? Please help!


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  • He may just be too shy or may have a girlfriend already.

    • He doesn't have a girlfriend and he knows I have feelings for him, he just got out of a 5 year relationship about a year ago though.. And the way he acts with me points to yes but like why the hell is he playing this game

    • I'm not sure he's intentionally playing a game. It will be something stopping him. Maybe it could be the risk of having a relationship with someone he works with.

      Maybe he likes you but doesn't want to be in a relationship.

      Maybe he thinks you are already in some kind of relationship.

      What are you expecting from him? You can make the first move yourself you know!

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  • Do this…
    Step 1. Start dressing sexy. Think: when Bridget Jones wanted a little more attention from Daniel around the office - ha!
    2. Build up his feeling of manliness. Ask for his help, smile, be coy, make soft and lingering touches here and there. Just start to flirt, but so subtly, he can't figure out if you are actually flirting. He won't know why he is noticing you more in this alluring way, and that mystery will drive him to solve it!
    3. Pull away!!! Replace him with some more friends, especially coworkers, but so subtly that, again, he isn't quite sure what is happening. Don't completely exclude him. Just include others more! Let him see how much others enjoy your company, and let that make him jealous! Talk with the girls about guys and dating a little bit when he is in ear's shot. Flirt very slightly with the other guys, just enough so that those guys appear to him as drawn to you. He will feel more competitive.
    4. Always remember what is sexiest on a woman: confidence, independence, a booming smile, some femininity, and mystery.

    Whatever his reasons are for not making a move to be with you, he will at the least reconsider them! Right now, he has you in a sexless relationship with him. So, pump up the sex appeal and sneakily pull away the relationship. If there is any chance he would ever make a move to be with you, it will be then!


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