My friends with benefits said I'm playing games. What makes him think I'm playing games?

I had texted him that I think we should go our own separate ways before things get dysfunctional later on. This is my 2nd time ending our friends with benefits . He tells me he would like to talk to me in person in which I decline, telling him i don't think it's a good idea. I then told him he should straighten out his thoughts and ask himself why does he keep insisting in wanting to see me after I had ended it. He text me to forget it with exclamation mark and that I'm fucking playing mind games with him. I told him in not playing mind games and that this all happens when there's no communication and we both jump at it. He tells me not true, all me, and he's still here for me.

I don't even k now what he meant by he's still here for me. But did anything i text said I was playing mind games.
We're only seeing each other by the way


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  • Because u ended it once with him he's grown attached to you more than friends with benefits

  • Who knows? Drop him.


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