Why would he lie to me for 18 months?

I reconnected with a grade school classmate on fb. We immedietely began talking on the phone, and a couple of months later, we met. We continued to talk after that, but we lived 1800 miles away and decided it would be best to not do the LDR, and instead, wait until I am moved back. Right around the time we began "talking" I listed my house - not bc of him, but I wanted to be closer to my parents and frankly, I missed my hometown.
Months and months passed and we continued to talk, mainly text. On a few occasions, he asked me for "naughty" pics, to which I would send of my chest. We talked about spending his bday together, Thanksgiving together - but he would flake out at the last moment. I asked several times if he had a gf, he always said no.

Well, a couple months ago, I moved back. Found out, he's had a live-in gf for over a year!! He's been lying to me all this time. I called him out on it, and he said: " your the one I love. She and I are very dry right now, we haven't had sex in months." He also added, " she doesn't live here, she's just here alit b/c her roomate situation is bad". I then asked, if you love me, why are you with her? Why did you lie to me all this time? He said he will be with me, he just wants a few dates with me first.

I cannot believe this!!! Why?


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  • He is a player - Run in the opposite direction as fast as you can.


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  • He was hedging his bets... leave him alone and move on.

    • Yep u are right, thanks

  • yeah you better jump ship now or he'll keep feeding you lines until you believe them. If he really cared he wouldn't have lied


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