Teammate likes me?

I'm on a swim team, and there's this boy on the team that does the oddest things to me.

During team photos we had to line up by height and he's a little taller than me so I was infront of him and he wrapped his arm around me and squeezed my arm repeatedly, I asked him why he was doing that and he replied "I'm trying to make you uncomfortable."

During our first meet we were doing cool downs and I almost ran into someone, he grabbed my hips and yanked me into his chest.

We were talking about how I don't own makeup and he just straight says "you don't need it, you're beautiful without it."

I know this all probably sounds stupid but one of my teammates that's a close friend has a major crush on him and I don't want her to hate me over it. I'm just hoping its me being paranoid and he's just being a sweet guy to me. Like him seeing me as a sister or something, because I do know some of his family.

Anyways, any opinions? I love honest straightforward people. Thank you for reading this.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Hug him tight.

    • Oh gosh why?

    • Physical icebreaker.

    • I hugged him tightly before all of this and he told me I gave really good hugs and then kept hugging me.. So I don't know there.

Most Helpful Girl

  • It sounds like he kind of likes you. I'm a swimmer too, so I get normal swimmer behavior. most guys don't really do that. I Know you don't want to hurt your friend. Maybe if possible ask one of his guy friends what he thinks of you.

    • Word gets around so quickly on our team, I talk to one guy about it, all the guys will know.

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    • Maybe I don't know.

    • you could try that, its hard because I know how teams can be, and I know you don't need everyone knowing your business.

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What Guys Said 2

  • he may be being sweet but 7 out of 10 he likes u

  • pretty sure he is flirting with you

    • I'm oblivious to guys flirting with me, so I'm not sure if he is or not.

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    • if you like him too you have every right to go after him. your friend might get upset but its not fair to you if he likes you and you like him that you can't go out with him because your friend thinks he's cute

    • That's very true.. I don't know, I'm the type to drop crushes like that for friends honestly..

What Girls Said 3

  • Does she know that YOU know that she has a crush on him? If not, go after him! If so, then I wouldn't try anything with the guy because she is your close friend.

    • She does know I know, and she told him and he told okay and she asked if her liked anyone and he told her he doesn't like anyone at the moment

    • Ahhh, well if I was in your situation, I would just tell your close friend that you like him too and if it would be okay to pursue him, if not then I wouldn't risk your friendship. Make sure she is okay with it. Use your common sense. If she seems pissed off or mopey about it, don't go after him.

    • Well no duh. But she likes two dude counting him at the moment

  • It's a risky situation
    Maybe you can confide in your friend and tell her you like him too?

    • I don't want her hurt, I feel like she'd hate me if I told her

    • Then it's a decision you're gonna have to make.. Keep your friendship or
      Risk your friendship by pursuing her crush..
      Ask yourself If it's really worth it.
      If she's a true friend, personally I would Forget about dude. Real friends are hard to come by, but guys are everywhere and you are young. i can assure you that you will be interested in someone else eventually.

  • He definitely likes you and if you like him it's best to talk with your friend first

    • Caught me red handed there.. I've been questioning if I do or not.

    • Well if this friend is close to you, you have to stay loyal to her

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