What do I tell him?

So this guy and I used to be best friends for awhile. He stopped talking to me abruptly for a couple of months and now he's texting me saying how sorry he is and doesn't know why he did what he did. I want to be friends again so bad, but something is different. I did have feelings for him when we were friends but now I'm not so sure I do. I'm talking to him later and I need something lengthy to tell him because I don't know how what to say in order to make things work out. Please answer because we are meeting up later.


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  • Is there any specific reason as to why he stopped talking to you. If you have feelings it could easily ruin the relationship again if he doesn't feel the same. I'm currently stuck in the aftermath of it. If you really want to keep him as a friend, move on from the feelings you have. Don't end up in the situation I'm in.

    • I don't have feelings anymore. He likes me (I think) I believe. At least, he's saying that he'll do anything to have our friendship return the way it was. I want to be friends again, really bad, but every time we talk something is just weird..

    • Then it's safe to say that things might've changed. You'll only know by asking him how he feels. If you don't feel the same, you can tell him you guys might be better as friends, but in reality you'll probably grow distant if things are still weird.

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  • These kinds of things can be complicated, but it's better to protect yourself. If you want a long answer, think about how to answer these questions
    How does his treatment of you make you feel?
    What does he add to your life?
    What does he take away?
    What other things could be happening in his life right now that would cause him to seek you out?
    Does he want to be friends again or does he want anything physical?

    He broke your trust by leaving the friendship, and he obviously has a reason why he stopped talking to you. I don't have a good feeling about this and I would proceed with extreme caution. Protect yourself, and stay in the present. Don't worry about how he treated you then- think about how he's treating you right now, and decide if you want that kind of thing to continue.


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  • Tell him u felt kinda hurt from what he did and he needs to prove to u that he's really your friend. If he can do that then u can worry about being more than friends later


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