Guys: please explain this to me? (Guy-talk)?

I need someone who's a guy to interpret this, because I lack knowledge when it comes to what guys talk about with their friends...

I'm 16, and I had a tennis tournament yesterday. It's a male and female tournament. I was walking along the court with my friend, and a group of guys looked at us, turned to each other, whispered something, laughed, and then kept walking.

Well this happens to me quite often, and I need to know what they are talking about? Clearly, they were having a discussion about us, but I'd like to know what they said.



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  • Either
    1) Making fun of you and your friend
    2) Making sexual comments about you and your friend

    Because they just kept walking, #1 is more likely.

    • It's so rude to make fun of people you've never met... Holy shit.

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  • No way to no. Guys at that age can be soooo immature and come up with some really dumb thoughts (not all guys). So just let it pass.

  • They either thought you looked cute or saw that your fly was down

    • Hmm.. My fly must be down quite a lot XD
      Thanks for lettin me know

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