We have such good chemistry, what is keeping him from asking me out?

I really like this guy that I work with and sometimes I feel like he likes me too. The second I met him, I felt like I already knew him. The two of us right off the bat had no trouble talking to each other and both of us normally are quite shy. I have never felt like this towards anyone. It's like there is some magnetic force bring us together. Every time we work together, we can't stay away from each other and our managers always mad that the two of us are always together.

He touched my hip one time ( I'm pretty sure it was a accident) and when he did, it was like an electric shock through both our bodies. We both pulled back really quickly.

However, despite all of our chemistry, he still hasn't made a move on me or asked me out. The way that we are around each other I just can't imagine he doesn't feel it either. What do you think is holding him back from asking me out?


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  • Who knows, why don't you ask him?

    • I guess the reason that I never asked him was because even though we get along so well and can't stay away from each other, he has never done anything towards me (besides the time I believe was an accident) that has come off as flirting to me. Also, I don't want to make things awkward between us if he doesn't like me since we get along so well I would hate to lose him as a friend if that is all we are meant to be.

    • Just start with something more ambiguous like asking if he wants to go get coffee or hang out sometime. I could be played off as a "friend date", but it could also give you time to really get to know each other.

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  • He is too shy to ask you out, ask him out


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  • Because he's shy.


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