How does a romantic guys mind work?

There's this seventeen year old who is totally in love with me. We are friends and have talked about us both liking each other and now he's texting my best friend. I have read the texts and he honestly is just a sweet, loving, romantic guy. He is always talking about our wedding and how great it will be when we can start dating. Oh yeah not to mention I am fourteen and not allowed to date. My parents, him and I have all talked about the situation and he fully understands we can't date any time soon and that he is fine waiting a few years. At first I thought wait a few months he'll forget about me but its been four months and he is still very passionate about this.

Anyways my question.
Do you know anybody like this? Loving caring sweet romantic? How does his mind really work? Will he really wait? Are his intentions good? Does he think about sex and will he want to have right when he gets the chance? Guys help me out here..


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  • Yeah... he's a little naive. Unfortunately it may take a couple heart breaks to snap him out of it. Some guys never learn. I used to be that way.

    I can say that he CAN really mean it. I know I did. I would have waited forever for one girl as long as I knew she wanted me back, that is what keeps him around. I'm sure he thinks about sex, all guys do, but he can get that anywhere. If he can wait a few years before dating you than I'm sure he can wait a few more before having sex. He may seriously believe that you two can work out.

    But all this is assuming that he's a genuine guy. Just keep your eyes and ears open. Use your brain. I still think these kinds of relationships can work but it takes a special kind of person... the kind of person that Western Society doesn't approve of. Nowadays it's all about "experimenting" and all this other nonsense... but that's another story. Ask and I will tell.

    • Wow thanks a lot! This is my first question and fire good feedback I appreciate it a lot. And if you want to tell me your story go for it :)

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    • No problem. You can follow me if you wish but sometimes I get a little coarse. It depends on my mood lol. You can always message if you have any questions. Take care :)

    • Thanks I will :)

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  • Ineffectively, or he wouldn't be romantic.

  • They work terribly.

    • Thanks lol but if you read the discription you'll see a more descriptive explanation of the question :)

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    • ManThatKnewTooMuch basically says what I said in a lot more words: Mind works terribly. Thank you ManThatKnewTooMuch.

    • You're welcome. lol

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