So I really like this guy, like more than I've ever liked anyone before, and I don't know if he likes me or not. Please read and help me cuz idk?

Ok so there's this guy and he's in one of my classes. On the first day of school I thought he was cute and had one of my friends introduce us, but we didn't really talk after that. Everyday in class I would catch him staring at me, and then when I would look back, he would look away. I thought maybe he was looking at someone around me, but he didn't talk to anyone around me. So this went on for a couple months, until one day we had a lock down at our school and it was really scary and I was in the class I have with him. I was freaking out with my friend and he came over and asked me if I was ok. He sat with me and my friends and we started talking. I really liked him and he was cool. He took my phone and told me to follow him on Instagram and then followed me back. I was really excited because I thought he liked me. So like a week later our teacher made us switch seats and put us right next to each other and I was so happy. So that weekend I went on Instagram and saw a picture of him with this girl, who ended up being his girlfriend. I was so upset because I thought he liked me. So anyways we went on being friends and we started getting closer. Although it got awkward when we were talking and his gf would just follow us and give me evil bitch stares. So me and his gf have some shared friends and I was talking to her and she said that at lunch Sarah, his gf, was talking bad about me, saying that I liked him and that I was obsessed with him. I was so sad. When I saw him later that day he was acting weird around me so I told him what I heard. He felt really bad and told me he would confront his gf. Luckily it all died down and everyone moved on. But now every time I'm with him she just has to show up and ruin everything. He doesn't seem very happy with her but I don't know for sure what their situation is. So anyways, sometimes I think he likes me. He makes an effort to be friends with my friends and he is always the one to start the convo and still stares at me. I don't know what to do


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  • I wouldn't do anything really. I can't be sure if he likes you just as a friend or as more but Of he isn't happy with his gf they will eventually figure that out and break up. For the most part just ignore her and continue to be his friend if you want! D

  • To be completely honest, i have a feeling he does but he might not leave his gf just yet. I know some guys who give me looks (stares) or act like they are into me but have gfs. They never really do anything so it's going to be a very heartbreaking thing to have to go through. Just give yourself some distance from all the drama and him


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