If a girl likes a guy but is very innocent, like a child, would he feel uncomfortable hurting her feelings?

I have a feeling this guy realizes at least to a small extent that I'm somewhat fond of him/like him, but he doesn't know what to do about it because I'm one of those emotional types.

So he looks like he's kind of unsure of how he feels, he cares about me but not sure whether it's romantic.

Plus he's already done things which I took to heart, so I guess he's more careful to not do it again
Do guys like that get protective over the girl?


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  • First of all i'll never feel uncomfortable hurting any girl especially if they have feelings for me most guys dont feel comfortable
    And i'm pretty sure he's not comfortable with it I mean he's sry for hurting u

    • I guess that's a start on his part that at least he's sorry.

      Some guys think it's funny to hurt a girl's feelings.

      So I guess I should conclude he doesn't like me back and is only scared of hurting me?

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    • Really? You'd be scared of a dumb girl that you wouldn't talk to her? Not even to make fun of her?

      I hate how guys assume girls are 'dumb.'

      You dont' know how difficult it is being a girl in this world lol. Everyone just assumes the worst about girls

    • No I dont assume the worst but dumb=too dramatic full f tantrums and all u know crying over nothing and every now and then
      If it's genuine it's Cool
      Dumb isn't the correct word I correct myself

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